Summer Simplicity – Melon Balls

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sweet watery fruit balls are a perfect thirst quencher on a summer day. Healthy, easy, colorful and perfect dessert for summertime entertaining. A dessert made with just one ingredient!


Nothing speaks summer simplicity like the melons. The vibrant color, light and refreshing taste gives a comforting summery feeling. A big bowl of melon is a perfect thirst quencher on a summer day.

Melon Balls

More than a recipe, this is a fun presentation. Melon balls are healthy, easy, colorful and perfect for summertime entertaining. A dessert made with just one ingredient, melon!

Melon Balls

I mix up two varieties of melons to make it colorful- Cantaloupe and Watermelon. Cantaloupe is firm, light with medium sweetness and Watermelon is watery, almost airy and sweet. This combo doubles up the melon extravaganza.

Melon Balls

This is a refreshing and fun way to get fruit into your daily diet. This presentation works great with kids, unlike the normal cubed pieces of fruit; these sweet watery fruit balls can attract any kid to grab a taste.

Mellon Balls

Mellon Balls

Makes: 4-5 Servings

Watermelon - 1
Cantaloupe - 2

Cut the melon in halve.

Using a melon baller, scoop small round balls from the melon.

Serve melon balls in a bowl.


Sharmilee! :) said...

Wow looks super cute

Kankana said...

I should buy the melon ball scooper . This can look so classy for parties.

Kelsey said...

the name alone is worth it hehe. they look great!! <3

Batool Aliakbar said...

Love the pics and presentation! Really beautiful!

Tanvi said...

Lovely way to present melons at so perfectly scooped out.

city said...

nice idea..thanks for sharing....

Krithi Krish said...

lovely & yieee... i cant goof up this recipe ;)

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