About Me

Welcome to ‘The Yummy Morsel’ blog. This blog is a representation of two of my passions; cooking and photography.

I love to eat and love to cook. I can’t tell which comes first! Do I love to cook because I love to eat? Or do I love to eat because I love to cook? LOL!!!

I believe in trial and error in cooking. So, if you’re planning to follow recipes on this blog just play around with the ingredients. Feel free to tweak any ingredients or the quantity according to your taste. All measurements in the recipes are not exact to the dot because, my spoon can be smaller than yours!

Comments are greatly appreciated! When you like something on this blog, please leave a comment to let me know! I will be very happy to read your comments and it will also serve as an encouragement for me to continue blogging.

I do not claim any recipe as my own. I cook from recipes I know and given to me by my family, friends and colleagues. I sure do not know where they got it from!

I have created this blog with no ambitious intentions. This blog is a place where I showcase what I cook on a day to day basis and my interest in photography. This is a blog for a close knit network which includes my family, friends and people I know. I will be happy if others enjoy this blog too.

I will try my best to keep this blog fresh and tasty!